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Mickey Thompson Dealers Conquer Mt Terrible

Situated at the union of the Goulburn and Jamieson Rivers in Victoria, Mt Terrible is a great 4WD destination for those who love a tough track. Mt Terrible’s peak is 1325 metres above sea level and the main track is made up of a number of challenging terrains including steep ascents, rocks and ditches.  In … Continue reading

Superstars Of Off-Road Racing

Mickey Thompson was heavily involved in off-road racing in the USA and innovated tyres and vehicles specifically for off-road racing, with many of his original innovations still being used today. It is due to Mickey Thompson’s rich heritage in off-road racing that Mickey Thompson Tires made the decision to become involved in off-road racing through … Continue reading

Mickey Thompson Product Range

The Mickey Thompson Tire range, benefiting 4WDrivers of every level. You want tyres that take you from work to weekend to way outback. They have to look good. They have to perform. But most of all they have to be tough enough. When Australia’s best off-road racers are choosing Mickey Thompson tyres over other top … Continue reading