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Baja 2014 – How I Saw It…

By Chris Western Wow Wow Wow. I am sitting here reading through the Facebook page and its giving me goose bumps, knowing all you guys out there were following the race minute by minute, some of you going without much sleep, some working night shift, some just getting on the turps. That’s just pretty cool. … Continue reading

Introducing the Deegan 38

The all-new Deegan 38 is a light truck construction tyre complete with aggressive, tough treads but featuring signature Mickey Thompson innovations to keep it quiet on the road compared to most other mud-terrain tyres. So if you like your chunky muddies but don’t want to compromise your on-road performance or do your head in with … Continue reading

Bonneville Speed Week: Salt Fever Starts on Aug 9

140km west of Salt Lake City lies a dazzling expanse of crystalline white stretching over 30,000 acres: the Bonneville Salt Flats. Bring your sunglasses, because we’re going to Speed Week. The Bonneville Salt Flats have been used for land speed racing since daredevil Teddy Tezlaff set an unofficial speed record of 141.73mph on his Blitzen … Continue reading

Top 5 Must-Haves for Off-Road Recoveries

Any off-roader worth their salt knows that a recovery kit is essential for any trips out bush. But what exactly should you have in your recovery kit? A quick look at forums and off-roading websites will show you that when it comes to recovery gear, 4WDers seriously believe more is more. That said, there’s only … Continue reading

Tricks & Tips for Off-Road Trips

We’ve all been caught unprepared on our off-road trips: sometimes the problem is nothing a shovel or a winch can’t fix, but sometimes situations turn into brown-pants moments. Here’s a few tricks and tips we’ve picked up over the years: Always go with a mate This is probably the most basic and essential rule of … Continue reading