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Fairy Meadows – Pakistan

This track is definitely one of the deadliest in the world. The road was built by the local people and is steep and the width only just accommodates a 4WD. With no guardrails preventing your 4WD from rolling down into the gorge, it is definitely a track that will have you on the edge of … Continue reading

The Rubicon Trail

Possibly the most well-known 4WD track in the world the Rubicon Trail provides a combination of tracks with varying difficulties, along with great camping spots and stunning views. The trail is located in the Sierra Nevada in Western United States and is a 22 mile long route. There is a bit of history behind why … Continue reading

Death Valley National Park

The name of the park says it all, with unprepared tourists dying each year in the national park. It was given its forbidding name when a group of pioneers got lost in the valley in the Winter of 1849-1850. Death Valley is the largest national park outside of Alaska and has more miles of roads … Continue reading