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Mud Driving Tips

  Let’s face it, we all love mud but did you know that not all mud is the same? There are 10 different types of soil in Australia, all of which create a different type of mud. Here are 5 top tips for next time you’re out chucking some mud in your truck. Always carry … Continue reading

Legendary Mud Tyres

If you’re looking for a legendary set of mud tyres to tackle the biggest of bog holes check out the Mickey Thompson MTZ and Claw TTC. Mickey Thompson Baja Radial MTZ 40% Road & Sand, 60% Dirt & Mud Extreme off-roaders will appreciate the great ride and handling that this mud tyre has on the … Continue reading

If you’re a serious off-roader who loves a good mud wrestle make sure you check out Mickey Thompson’s Claw TTC!

The Baja Radial Claw TTC is all new state-of-the-art construction making it the ultimate extreme off-road performance tyre. The Claw TTC features a 23◦ tread pattern, which is the ultimate angle for cutting and self-cleaning (used on plough blades, tractor tyres and razor blades). This means you get maximum traction and the same level of … Continue reading

Tuff Truck Challenge

Tuff Truck Challenge

If you’re interested in boulders, rocks, mud, giant tyres, deep deep holes, ruts and modified trucks you’ll be interested in the Tuff Truck Challenge, Australia’s premier off-road event! Mickey Thompson Tires has been a part of the action from the beginning and have been getting amongst the Tuff Truck 4WD Competition for over 10 years. … Continue reading

Mickey Thompson Product Range

The Mickey Thompson Tire range, benefiting 4WDrivers of every level. You want tyres that take you from work to weekend to way outback. They have to look good. They have to perform. But most of all they have to be tough enough. When Australia’s best off-road racers are choosing Mickey Thompson tyres over other top … Continue reading