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Superstars Of Off-Road Racing

Mickey Thompson was heavily involved in off-road racing in the USA and innovated tyres and vehicles specifically for off-road racing, with many of his original innovations still being used today. It is due to Mickey Thompson’s rich heritage in off-road racing that Mickey Thompson Tires made the decision to become involved in off-road racing through … Continue reading

If you’re a serious off-roader who loves a good mud wrestle make sure you check out Mickey Thompson’s Claw TTC!

The Baja Radial Claw TTC is all new state-of-the-art construction making it the ultimate extreme off-road performance tyre. The Claw TTC features a 23◦ tread pattern, which is the ultimate angle for cutting and self-cleaning (used on plough blades, tractor tyres and razor blades). This means you get maximum traction and the same level of … Continue reading

Are you an extreme off-roader who likes playing in the mud? Mickey Thompson’s Baja MTZ is the perfect tyre for you!

The Baja MTZ is a serious off-road tyre built for 40% road & sand, 60% dirt & mud. The MTZ  tread block ‘cutouts’ aid self-cleaning in sticky situations and stone kickers stop rocks ‘drilling’ into the carcass. Deep scalloped shoulder lugs maximise off-road traction in soft or boggy conditions and improve resistance to tread chipping. … Continue reading

Mickey Thompson Specialty Light Truck Tyres

When it comes to four wheel drives they can be just as complex as the tyres they drive on. With world-wide demand of customised four wheel drives on the increase it makes sense that companies like Mickey Thompson Tires are paving the way with tyres and wheels to suit these vehicles, with tyre diameters from … Continue reading

Tuff Truck Challenge

Tuff Truck Challenge

If you’re interested in boulders, rocks, mud, giant tyres, deep deep holes, ruts and modified trucks you’ll be interested in the Tuff Truck Challenge, Australia’s premier off-road event! Mickey Thompson Tires has been a part of the action from the beginning and have been getting amongst the Tuff Truck 4WD Competition for over 10 years. … Continue reading

The History of Mickey Thompson Tires (Part 1)

With an IQ level nearing genius, Mickey Thompson remained determined to succeed against all odds. Today we are sharing 4 fast Mickey Thompson facts to get your motors running…  Mickey Thompson. Racing Legend. Innovator. Mickey Thompson holds more racing records than anyone on earth. His tyres revolutionised the racing world, were chosen for the Gulf War … Continue reading