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The OTT (South End)

See how the journey continues for David Cook on his Cape York Adventure. The anticipation of what was to come was almost palpable in the air when we pulled into Bramwell Junction Roadhouse. Our Day started early in Coen, one of the larger settlements along the PDR.  We refueled the convoy at the general store, … Continue reading

Kalpowar to Bramwell Junction.

See how the journey continues for David Cook on his Cape York Adventure. The Kalpowar crossing camping area has been well maintained. We spoke with Tony, the ranger in charge of the Lakefield National Park Ranger base while we were there, who’s been a ranger in the area for three years, and has spent 18 … Continue reading

Hard Yards North – Into the Lion’s Den

See how the journey continues for David Cook on his Cape York Adventure. Every adventure has a beginning, and for us, the journey north starts much further south.  After meeting up with Russell in Brisbane, we started early, eager and fresh to knock over some serious kilometers on the highway heading North. Our first intended … Continue reading

Legend’s Destination – Cape York

There isn’t anything really quite like putting pen to paper, and putting a tick against a long held bucket list wish.  For me, Cape York has always been a ‘must do’ destination, but always one that’s been just on the peripheral.  After just shy of 12 months of planning though, we’re just a few days … Continue reading

Bull Bars – Steel VS Alloy

There are a number of questions that you need to ask yourself when deciding which bull bar is right for your 4WD. The first thing that people usually consider is what the bull bar looks like and how good it will look on their rig, but let’s face it there is more to a bull … Continue reading

4WD Accessories – What do you Need? (Part 2)

This week will focus on some optional accessories suggested by Outback Crossing that will help turn your 4WD into a viable and independent proposition for tackling Australia’s nastiest terrain. See some of their recommended optional accessories below: Power or Electric Winches (optional) A power winch mounted to the front of a heavy bullbar certainly looks the … Continue reading

Welcome to the Mickey Thompson Blog!

Welcome to the Mickey Thompson Blog!

Join the Legend… American motor racing legend and innovator Mickey Thompson gave tyre design no limits. His tyre company has been a leader in tyre innovation since 1963 and is now known worldwide as a leader in high performance 4×4 tyres and wheels for the track and offroad. Racing Heritage Winning races in record times … Continue reading