5 Off-Road Sports You Won’t Believe Are Sports

The world is full of weird and wacky things that people do to satisfy their need for an adrenalin hit. Here’s 5 off-road sports that we think are the most bizarre – do you agree?

1. Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing

On paper, watching a grown man straddle a toy car while trundling down a hill sounds really wrong. But in real life, it’s surprisingly entertaining. Be warned though, this sport’s not for the faint-hearted. (And not just because you’re in tiny pink Jeep!)

2. Swamp Buggy Racing

swamp racing

Swamp buggies originally came into being as a way to get about in the boggy Everglades, USA and hunt some swamp creatures. Hunters would share their swamp buggy engineering tips in a mate’s garage, and inevitably one buggy builder would challenge another to a race. 70 years later, there is an official racetrack (nicknamed “Mile O’ Mud”) and an annual parade.

3. Bog Snorkelling

This sport’s all about getting down and dirty, but not while seated in your 4X4. Like many great ideas, bog snorkelling as a sport was conceived over a pint of beer at the local pub in 1976. Less than 10 years later, the first World Bog Snorkelling Championship was held in Wales, UK.

Bog snorkelling has since come to Australia for the Dirt n Dust Festival in Julia Creek.

4. The Beer Can Regatta

You’ve got to hand it to the Territorians, they can turn trash into terrific. Instead of tossing their used aluminium cans, plastic bottles and cartons into the bin, Darwin’s residents have been using them to create some weird and wonderful vessels for a race at Mindil Beach. Contestants are allowed to crash into other ships and pelt each other with water bombs to get ahead. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in Darwin this July!

5.Horse Boarding

This sport was born of a group of friends horsing about (no pun intended) on a farm – one of them decided to do some stunts on a mountain board while holding on to a rope tied to a car and eventually the idea of tying the rope to a horse emerged. There is now an official National Horseboarding Championships held every summer in the UK.

Whether you’re tempted to try out one of these sports or if you’d rather stick to the stuff you can tackle from inside a 4X4, make sure your tyres are up to the tracks you’ll be taking. Call us on 1300 MICKEY or view our range of mud tyres made for taking on off-road trails.


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