Introducing the Deegan 38

Deegan 38

The all-new Deegan 38 is a light truck construction tyre complete with aggressive, tough treads but featuring signature Mickey Thompson innovations to keep it quiet on the road compared to most other mud-terrain tyres. So if you like your chunky muddies but don’t want to compromise your on-road performance or do your head in with road noise, read on!

Multi-time (and multi-sport) champion Brian Deegan was closely involved in the development of this tyre – enough to give it his personal seal of approval in the form of his trademark ‘38’ shield and raised white ‘Deegan 38’ lettering, both of which were based on sketch ideas that Deegan sent the designers at Mickey Thompson from his mobile phone.

“It was amazing to work with the Mickey Thompson engineering, research and development teams to develop the new Deegan 38 tyre. We paid special attention to the design of both the tread and the sidewall to make the Deegan 38 mud terrain tyre.”

1751-deegan38-updated - no lucas

Between the experienced tyre engineers at Mickey Thompson Tires and Deegan’s own experience of knowing what makes a good tyre from the competitive driver’s perspective, they’ve come up with what might just be the ultimate mud tyre: aggressive performance, great street manners and badass style.

Deegan front on for blog 2

Generous Siping, Stone Ejector Ribs, Wide Outer Voids and Tighter Inner Voids

The bevelled tread edge and stone ejector ribs assist stone ejection and help maintain the integrity of the tread lugs, while wider-than-average lateral and offset grooves facilitate water and debris evacuation to give this tyre the ability to take on mud and rocky terrain.

You’ll notice that each tread block is pretty large and comes equipped with internal siping: these were specially designed to create a tyre with solid grip, which wears evenly and provides a quiet ride on the road.

Deegan front on for blog

Signature “Deegan 38” Sidebiter design and Asymmetric Scalloped Shoulder Lugs

The signature Mickey Thompson sidebiters and scalloped shoulder lugs guide loose soil and mud out of the tread for more self-cleaning ability – best part is that this works, whether you’re going forward or in reverse! The sidewall includes high-tensile body ply cords for better integrity, less rolling resistance and reduced heat build-up.

Does the Deegan 38 Fit You?

The Deegan 38 is now available for sale at all authorised Mickey Thompson Tires retailers. Visit to see sizing and fitment options or call 1300 MICKEY if you want to talk to a Mickey Thompson tyre expert.



One thought on “Introducing the Deegan 38

  1. Here at Lindsay’s Tyres, we’re busy selling the new Deegan 38 and it’s proving to be a popular choice for a wide range of users. Another winning product from the world of Mickey Thompson off road.

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