Capturing the action

GOPR0023.MP4.Still001Whether you are getting out and hitting the tracks socially or competing in events it is a great idea to capture the action to share with friends and family. One modern gadget that is popping up across tracks Australia wide is Go Pro cameras.

GOPR0050.MP4.Still002Go Pro’s cannot only capture excellent still photos but also allow you to record professional quality high definition footage while out tackling tracks around Australia.  We love to use the Go Pro’s to see exactly what our Mickey Thompsons are doing during testing due to the crisp quality and amazing durability these compact cameras possess. When you fix the Go Pro with a suction cap mount facing forward on the side of the vehicle and aim it at your front tyre the wide angle lens really highlights the punishment your 4WD tyres endure. You also capture all that crazy terrain you have coming right for you. It can even be submerged in river crossings or mud to give you a perspective of your Mickeys rarely

We would love to see what you can capture with your Go Pro so if you’re planning on heading out and capturing some footage of your 4WD in action make sure that it is looking good with some new Mickey Thompson tyres. Click here to see our entire range of legendary tyres or give our team a call on 1300 MICKEY to discuss which tyre is best suited to your needs.


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