Posted in February 2014

Bull Bars – Steel VS Alloy

There are a number of questions that you need to ask yourself when deciding which bull bar is right for your 4WD. The first thing that people usually consider is what the bull bar looks like and how good it will look on their rig, but let’s face it there is more to a bull … Continue reading

LED VS HID Spotlights

  When comparing LED and HID spotlights it is important to first make sure that you know the differences between the two. LED lighting stands for Light Emitting Diode and is the new benchmark for vehicle lighting. LED lights are a short to medium range light as their beam wave length spectrum and reflector lens … Continue reading

Winch – Steel Cable VS Dynamica Rope

Dynamica Rope is made from Dyneema fibres which is one of the strongest fibres in the world. The rope has excellent properties with regard to strength, weight, UV-stability (daylight), safety, abrasion, tension fatigue and bending fatigue. When comparing Dyneema to steel it is ten times stronger per unit of weight. This means that a Dyneema … Continue reading

Diesel VS Petrol VS LPG

For many serious 4WD enthusiasts there is no question that diesel is the fuel of choice. Diesel 4WDs are favoured not only due to their known reliability, but also due to their cost effectiveness and availability on long hauls. Diesel engines are also a popular choice because of the multitude of power-up options available on … Continue reading