Mickey Thompson Baja Radial ATZ P3

_MG_0205-EditIt’s well known that the ATZ 4-RIB was one of the most popular and well regarded tyres in the Mickey Thompson Range.

So what are some of the key improvements that have been made in the All-New ATZ P3?

  1.  Bevelled Edges on the unique tread blocks have been adapted to the new ATZ P3 so stone retention on dirt and gravel roads is reduced. This ensures that less stones get caught in the tread which minimises the chances of stone drilling in the carcass when used in these conditions.
  2. Optimised Pitch Sequence in the tread design. This very latest computer aided tread design ensures that although the ATZ P3 is a more aggressive pattern for off-road use, the on-road capabilities are not diminished. In fact road noise at 60 kph on the ATZ P3 is quieter than the ATZ 4-RIB and at 100kph the tyre noise is identical to the previous less aggressive pattern. Included in this new tread design is a combination of wide open lateral and offset circumferential grooves that also improve the tyres on-road handling in the wet and help to provide even more off-road traction than the previous ATZ 4-RIB.
  3. Self Cleaning Alternating Shoulder Scallops are a Mud Tyre feature that has been built in to the all new ATZ P3. This technology ensures that in soft and boggy off-road situations every revolution of the tyre provides a clean bite.
  4. Further enhanced sidebiters help improve the strength and appearance of the ATZ P3, the ATZ 4-RIB had varying sidebiters depending on tyre size. Now with improved tyre design the Sidebiter and sidewall protection is more uniform across the entire range of the ATZ P3.
  5. Possibly the biggest advantage of the ATZ P3 is that it has Mickey Thompson’s unique Powerply carcass construction throughout the entire size range. Previously this carcass construction was exclusively used in Mickey Thompson’s Mud Terrain patterns and the specialty light truck sizes. This carcass design is the same off-road proven technology that class leading off-road racers like Chris Western use on their race vehicles ensuring that this tyre will provide the absolute best performance and steering response on and off-road.

For more information on the ATZ P3 or any of the tyres in the Mickey Thompson range visit our website or call our team of tyre specialists on 1300 MICKEY.


One thought on “Mickey Thompson Baja Radial ATZ P3

  1. Oh boy!…..where do I start? This Baja ATZ P3 has been the most surprising tyre package that I have tested to date. With the traction and wall strength that exceeds any other all terrain on the market, at last I have found the first true 50/50 compromise 4WD tyre. The secret is in the construction and innovative tread design with Mickey Thompson’s legendary compound technology. I replaced my old outdated all terrains for a set of ATZ P3’s and now I can travel anywhere at any time with outright confidence. Dave @ Lindsay’s Tyres

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