Black Bear Pass – Telluride

Blackbear3The Black Bear pass is a terrifying 4WD track that starts from the 3,358m summit of Red Mountain Pass to Telluride, Colorado. The track is notorious for its deadly switchbacks and steep cliff faces. The track is not for inexperienced drivers, with the most unnerving part of the track consisting of a mile stretch of steep switchbacks on the Telluride side above Bridal Veil Falls which involves a shelf road of rock with loose sand on a steep downward angle. 

Another technical part of the track is at the ‘steps’ which comprise of a series of steep, technical rock steps, which follow down to more extremely tight, narrow switchbacks. Although this track is difficult and requires an experienced driver it is definitely a great track to conquer and offers spectacular views throughout the entire journey.


If you are heading out to tackle some of Australia’s most dangerous tracks or just need some advice on which tyre best suits your 4WDing needs give our team of tyre specialists a call on 1300 MICKEY to discuss which Mickey Thompson tyre is best suited to your needs. 




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