40 Series Landcruiser PTO Winch Upgrade

PTO Winch 2Some old things are good and some aren’t. If you are still cruising around in a 40 Series Landcruiser with an old PTO winch, why not upgrade to a newer, better performance winch. There are a few different types on the market today, so make sure you do your research into which one is best suited to your needs. Here’s a breakdown of the winch options.

PTO Winch (Power Take Off Winch)
PTO winches are becoming a rarity in the 4WD world, as newer more advanced systems are becoming available on the market. A PTO winch is driven by the 4WDs engine through the gearbox and a power take-off unit, which gives plenty of torque and power. Although powerful, these winches are linked to the drive train, making driving the winch and the 4WD at the same time difficult, due to the engine revs and gear selected controlling both your winch and forward motion. This ultimately reduces your control and cannot be used if the motor is dead.

Electric Winch
Electric winches are powered by an electric motor, which is controlled through a switch. These winches are fairly easy to install and operate and have a huge variety to choose from. The downside of electric winches is that they can draw a lot of power from your battery, which is why it is recommended to have your motor running during pulls.

Hydraulic Winch
Hydraulic winches are powered by fluid pressures from a hydraulic pump that is powered by the 4WD’s engine. The advantages of this type of winch are that it is reliable and has more assurance than an electric winch or PTO winch. Although, hydraulic winches are generally slower in their wind in speed, they offer higher winching capabilities when winching for a prolonged period of time.

Electric High Mount Winch
If you’re looking for a fast wind in speed, for a quick recovery, consider an electric high mount winch. These winches are the same you see on trucks at winch challenges. They are powerful and provide a faster wind in speed, which will make recovery much quicker. The downside is that these winches use a lot more power.

Once you have the right winch for your 4WDing style, why not upgrade your tyres to a set of Mickey Thompson’s Legendary Off-Road tyres, because if you’ve got the right tyres you might not need your winch as much as you think! Click here to see our entire range of tyres or request a free Mickey Thompson info pack and tyre tips guide here. 


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