Old But Still Awesome

Newer is better is definitely not the case in the world of 4WDs. Sometimes old 4WDs can perform just as well out on the tracks. Here are three ‘oldies but goodies’ that we think still have what it takes to be an awesome 4WD.

60 series 60 Series Toyota Landcruiser The 60 Series is arguably the first of the more civilised and comfortable 4WDs and first hit our tracks in 1980. It was released in an era dominated by leaf-spring 4WDs and came standard with power steering. Over the years, as the series progressed, the 60 Series advanced to include more modern features but still today is one tough 4WD and definitely competes with the newer 4WDs on the market today.

nissan patrol gqGQ Nissan Patrol The GQ is a tough, reliable, heavy duty off-roader which is capable of taking the most serious off-roader wherever he (or she) dares to go. It was the first Nissan Patrol with coil springs and was released in Australia in 1988. The GQ offered buyers exceptional on-road comfort and refinement combined with excellent off-road ability at the fraction of the cost of competing 4WDs. There are still plenty of GQs out on the tracks today proving that older 4WDs still have what it takes to be a tough off-road vehicle.

CJ5 JeepCJ5 Jeep  You have to love the style and overall look of a CJ5 Jeep that has been well maintained and looked after. The CJ5 was in production from 1954-1983, which is the longest production run of a vehicle in the US. The CJ-5, a model that marked a significant departure from the “flat-fender” CJs, with its rounded front fender design and squeezed grille (to accommodate larger headlights). Influenced by the Korean War M38A1 Jeep, the CJ-5 included updates such as rounded fenders, a hood and body made of heavy gauge sheet metal, a larger windshield frame, increased length on the riding springs, form fitting front adjustable bucket seats, a deeper, back-lit instrument panel, rear seating options for 4 passengers, and a new passenger car type handbrake. One things for sure, the CJ5 Jeep is definitely one tough looking and performing 4WD.

If you have an older model 4WD and are looking to upgrade its performance, why not consider a new set of tyres. Request a free Mickey Thompson Tires info pack here or give our team of tyre specialists a call on 1300 MICKEY to discuss which Mickey is going to be best suited to your vehicle and driving style.


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