The pros and cons of Rhino lining your entire 4WD

Rhino lining is a spray on plastic paint used to shield from impact, abrasions and corrosion. It is more commonly used to protect grille guards, bumpers, rocker panels and side steps, but would you consider rhino lining your entire 4WD?


Here are some pros and cons:


  • It is tough – and will help protect against scratches
  • Will act as a sound dampner and reduce road noise
  • Provide impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance


  • May reduce re-sale value of the vehicle
  • Will increase the weight of the vehicle
  • Due to weight increase, may affect fuel mileage

To see how tough Rhino lining really is, check out this clip! Or to see the conversion process of a Jeep JK click here.

Rhino 6

If Rhino lining your entire 4WD isn’t on the top of your modifications list, why not toughen up your 4WD with some legendary Mickey Thompson tyres. Click here to see our entire range or call 1300 MICKEY to talk to a specialist.



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