Customise your 4WD to suit your 4WDing needs

LCMP 028No matter what you drive or where you drive it, everyone loves a well-built 4WD. When customising your 4WD it is important to build for a purpose and make modifications that suit your driving style and needs. There are a number of modifications you can make to your 4WD, here are some great modifications identified by Aussie Off-Road Utes Magazine that won’t break the bank.

Bash Plates – Fitting a set of full-length steel bash plates could save you from costly drivetrain damage which could leave you stranded. Not only do they protect the front diffs and engine sumps, they can also protect radiators, steering, transmissions, transfer cases and fuel tanks. The added benefit of bash plates is that in certain situations, thanks to their strong steel construction, they can act like an under-body slider allowing you to scrape and slide over difficult terrain.

Intercooler – If you’re lucky enough to own a 4WD with a factory turbo diesel or your 4WD has had a turbo conversion, then an intercooler can be serious value for money. An intercooler will chill the air coming to the engine that has been heated up by the turbo. The cooler air becomes denser allowing for even more fuel to combine with thus creating more power when it is ignited in the motor. This cooling effect will also allow you to turn up the boost levels on your diesel, producing even more power and the cooler intake temps will increase the longevity of your engine.

Water Tank/Bladder – A water tank or bladder is just a plain good idea. Most only think of drinking and cooking when it comes to uses for water carried in an on-board tank but on those shorter trips or weekenders it can have other uses as well and having that bit of water stashed away can be a real saviour.

The list of modifications available for your 4WD is endless, so remember to build for a purpose and do modifications suited to your 4WDing needs and experiences. If you’re looking to modify your 4WD with some new tyres and need some tips and advice click here for a free information pack or give our team of specialists a call on 1300 MICKEY.


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