Understanding your wheel fitments

Wheels are a great way to toughen up your 4WD, but often fitment can be confusing. That’s why we have broken down the key elements to help you gain a better understanding of wheel sizings and fitments.

Also called rear spacing. It is the distance from the extreme back edge of the rim, not bead seat, to the mounting pad To calculate, lay a straight edge across the back edge of the rim and measure down to the mounting pad. (Refer to Diagram below).

back spacing diagram black

Wheel Offset
Wheel Offset is the distance from the wheels centerline to the plane at which the wheel mounts to the hub. Positive offset is towards the outside of the rim, Negative offset is towards the inside. Zero offset is at the centre of the rim.

wheel offset diagram all text

PCD – Pitch Circle Diametre
PCD (Pitch Circle Diametre) is the diametre of a circle drawn through the centre of your wheels bolt holes. The PCD is measured in either inches or millimetres and also indicates the number of studs or bolts the wheel will have.

To convert inches to millimetres simply multiply by 25.4.
e.g. 6/5.5 = 6/139.7 (5.5 X 25.4 = 139.7)

Lug image black all text

For more information on wheel fitments click here or give the Mickey Thompson team a call on 1300 MICKEY. Or to see our range of tough wheels visit our website.


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