LED Light Bars

LED light bars are all the rage right now and are arguably the most versatile and durable option you’ll find when looking for lights to stick on your 4WD, plus they are continually dropping in price.

Light Bar5

LED stands for light emitting diode. They emit light via electroluminescence, resulting in the production of less light per lamp when compared to halogen or other incandescent lamps. LED lights compensate for this lower light per lamp by using a higher number of bulbs in a single light (light bar). LED light bars are also considered to have longer life spans, as they have been known to last a thousand times longer than incandescent lamps.


Modified 4WDs Magazine identifies that when compared to HID or halogen driving lights, LED light bars are specifically designed to flood a huge amount of light over small to middle distances, making them far superior to traditional driving lights for low range work.

Aussie Off-Road Utes Magazine also recognizes that LED light bars are changing the way 4WDers are approaching night driving, due to their ability to emit copious amounts of bright, intense lighting. Not only that but there’s such an array of sizes and styles that there is an LED light for every job.


If an LED light bar isn’t on the top of your modifications list, why not toughen up your 4WD with some legendary Mickey Thompson tyres. Click here to see our entire range or call 1300 MICKEY to talk to a specialist.


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