West Coast of Tasmania

TasmaniaTasmania has a wide range and variety of attractions including remarkable 4WDing on the west coast. There are a number of challenging tracks to explore with terrain ranging from sandy beaches, mountains and deep bush. Some of the more popular tracks Tasmania has to offer include:

Brushy Lagoon Track – runs from Westbury to Brushy Lagoon Dam and is a fantastic location for trout fishing. The track has beautiful scenery along the way and has views of the Great Western Tiers.

Southport Lagoon Track – is located on the western side of the Southport Lagoon and is also a popular fishing location, with a number of camping spots and access to launch boats.

Balfour Track Sandy Cape – connects the Sandy Cape Track with the Western Explorer Link Road and is located on the far north west coast of Tasmania, approximately 5km south of Temma. Although the Balfour Track entails a challenging 70m section of canal-like stretch of water it is classified as being a medium level track.

Arthur Beach Track – is situated on Tasmania’s rugged west coast and follows the beach down to the campgrounds at Sundown Creek. The track is rated as being a hard level track with hazards along the way. It is 14km in length and takes approximately 35 minutes to drive.

For a full list of 4WD tracks available on the west coast of Tasmania click here. Or if you’re planning on doing some driving on the west coast of Tasmania and need some tyre tips and advice click here for a free information pack or call the team on 1300 MICKEY.


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