Eldee Station

Eldee Station is located 56 kilometers from Broken Hill and has been in the hands of a fourth generation station family, the Schmidth’s since the 1930s. When the station set up shearing demonstrations and accommodation in the shearers quarters it became the first tourism operation to be set up in far western NSW. Since beginning this tourism operation Eldee Station has now become an award winning tourism destination with executive suites, camping and a dining room available for guests.

Eldee Station

Eldee Station

The owners of the station are strong supporters of the tread lightly programme and provide responsible recreational experiences while protecting the integrity of the outback desert border country. On Eldee Station there are a number of 4WD tours, where a convoy of 4WDs steered by a lead vehicle travel on Eldee Station over the Mundi Mundi Plains and into the Barrier Ranges.

Mundi Mundi Head Station Ruins

Mundi Mundi Head Station Ruins

Along the tours there are varied landscapes and wildlife with fantastic views from the top of the Barrier Ranges and the Mundi Mundi Head Station ruins. The station also provides the option of exploring and negotiating the available tracks at your own pace and skill level through the purchase of a 4WD track permit, which allows you to explore the tracks for 5 days.

If you want to find out more about Eldee Station click here. Or if you would like more information about Mickey Thompson’s legendary range of 4WD tyres click here or call 1300 MICKEY.


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