Sandy Bowman: Extreme Off-road Racer

Sandy Bowman grew up racing go karts before moving on to drag cars and winch challenges. At the age of 19 Sandy discovered his love for 4WDs and has since become a legend in not only off-road racing but also winch challenges and other extreme off-road events.

Tattersalls Finke Desert Race - prologue

Sandy has been involved in off-road racing for over 20 years and is truly an extreme off-roader who loves pushing himself to the edge. “Off-road racing gave me an appreciation of going fast. I like that at 200kph you have half a second to make up your mind on something that can mame you if you make the wrong decision.”

Sandy Bowman is much like a contemporary Mickey Thompson, continually creating and inventing new ideas and concepts. Dirtcomp Magazine identifies Sandy as the first person to chop a GQ wagon into a ute in order to reduce weight for winch challenges. He was also the first to rear mount a radiator to overcome the Victorian slop.

If you haven’t had the chance check out Sandy’s skills for yourself, take a look at this awesome clip.

For more information on the Mickey Thompson MTZ tyres featured on Sandy’s vehicles visit our website, call us on 1300 MICKEY or click here for a free information pack.


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