Tough Grades – Toughen Up Your Truck

1110or-02+mickey-thompson-baja-claw-ttc-tires+4runner-side-viewThere are a number of modifications and accessories you can add to your 4WD to toughen it up. These modifications will depend greatly upon the level of off-roading you plan on doing, and whether or not you need good on-road handling as well as off-road capability.

Here are the five main areas to work on when starting out that are sure to make your 4WD tougher.

  1. Suspension 4×4 lift kit – there are two main purposes for installing lift kits; style and function. When choosing a suspension lift kit for your 4WD it is important to give comfort, reliability, durability, safety and price as much consideration as the inches you plan on adding.
  2. Bigger tyres and wheels – apart from making your 4WD look tougher upgrading your tyres will also allow for greater clearance. Larger tyres will also help improve ride comfort with taller sidewalls and create a larger footprint which will provide more flotation on softer terrains.
  3. Bar work & armour – bar work and armour will not only make your 4WD look tougher they will also help protect it when off-road. Some items to consider when starting off include; rock sliders, nudge bar, under body protection plate and rear bar.
  4. Traction aids – traction aids will not only give you better traction they will also put less strain on your 4WD. 4WD Action have identified the most accessible and popular traction aids to be tyres, lockers, and suspension, which all work together in providing the best possible traction.
  5. Snorkel – there are a number of benefits of fitting a snorkel, especially when attempting deep water crossings. A snorkel will suck in cleaner air with less dust when travelling on dirt roads. Other advantages include improved airflow and cooler air reaching the engine of your vehicle.

These are just a few modifications you can make to toughen up and improve your 4WD. The list of modifications and accessories is never ending so it is important to identify exactly what you need and want before starting to modify so that you end up with a well thought through tough truck.

If you’re looking for some new tyres to toughen up your 4WD and get better traction visit our website for information on the entire range of tough Mickey Thompson tyres or call the team on 1300 MICKEY.


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