Mickey Thompson Dealers Conquer Mt Terrible

Situated at the union of the Goulburn and Jamieson Rivers in Victoria, Mt Terrible is a great 4WD destination for those who love a tough track. Mt Terrible’s peak is 1325 metres above sea level and the main track is made up of a number of challenging terrains including steep ascents, rocks and ditches.  In winter the track becomes even more challenging with the addition of snow and ice.


Mickey Thompson Tires often use challenging 4WD destinations such as Mt Terrible to train dealers about Mickey Thompson’s entire range of tyres and highlight the features and benefits of different patterns and constructions for different terrains. These days are a great opportunity for the retailers to test out Mickey Thompson’s tough tyres on one of the toughest tracks in Victoria and experience what their customers experience when they go off-road.


While taking on the tough terrain on this day the team examined closely the off-road performance of the Claw TTC the latest addition to the Mickey Thompson range. The 23 degree tread pattern that has been designed for maximum traction performed at the top level with a pattern designed around self-cleaning without extreme road noise and now features one of  Mickey Thompson’s greatest innovations PowerPly technology designed to give you greater traction and faster steering response.

If you want to learn more about the range of Mickey Thompson Tires visit www.mickeythompsontires.com.au or call 1300 MICKEY.


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