If you’re a serious off-roader who loves a good mud wrestle make sure you check out Mickey Thompson’s Claw TTC!

The Baja Radial Claw TTC is all new state-of-the-art construction making it the ultimate extreme off-road performance tyre. The Claw TTC features a 23 tread pattern, which is the ultimate angle for cutting and self-cleaning (used on plough blades, tractor tyres and razor blades). This means you get maximum traction and the same level of road noise as less aggressive tyres.

Claw TTC

The Claw TTC also features directional scoops in the shoulder and centre tread, which guides mud and loose soil into adjacent mud pockets and out of the pattern for ultimate traction and self-cleaning. Extremely aggressive directional SideBiters tear through loose surfaces and provide extra bite and protection. These large directional SideBiters and tough puncture resistant sidewalls means you get maximum traction and cleaning, giving you the confidence the new Claw TTC will pull you through any situation.


The design of the Claw TTC also includes strategically placed and shaped siping which promotes long wear and improves traction on wet surfaces as well as tread and sidewall decoupling grooves, allowing for the tread to flex and conform to irregular surfaces.

All sizes of the Claw TTC feature the advanced PowerPly Carcass Construction specially designed for faster steering response and rugged off-road use. T6 compound is formulated for radial off-road tyres, tough and durable yet pliable for maximum off-road traction while silica is added for a boost in wet traction while maintaining good highway wear.

For more information on the Mickey Thompson Claw TTC call 1300 MICKEY or visit www.mickeythompsontires.com.au.


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