Are you an extreme off-roader who likes playing in the mud? Mickey Thompson’s Baja MTZ is the perfect tyre for you!

The Baja MTZ is a serious off-road tyre built for 40% road & sand, 60% dirt & mud. The MTZ  tread block ‘cutouts’ aid self-cleaning in sticky situations and stone kickers stop rocks ‘drilling’ into the carcass. Deep scalloped shoulder lugs maximise off-road traction in soft or boggy conditions and improve resistance to tread chipping. If you’re an extreme off-roader you will appreciate the great ride and handling that this mud tyre has on the highway.


The Baja MTZ also features huge stepped sidebiters that take the punishment and reduce sidewall damage. The sidebiters feature a unique step design for climbing out of ruts and are positioned to protect the sidewall from off-road damage.


The MTZ has Mickey Thompson’s PowerPly technology with a special angled third ply to give you high performance handling, better puncture resistance and improved towing capability.

For more information on the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ call 1300 MICKEY or visit


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