Important factors to consider when purchasing your next set of All-Terrain Tyres

Before buying your next set of All-Terrain tyres it is important to establish how much off-road driving you plan on doing, as well as the difficulty and harshness of terrain you plan on driving. Once you have established these factors you can begin to work out what All-Terrain tyre is best suited to your needs.

So what should you look for;

1.         Tyre Construction – The construction of a tyre is a major factor in how capable the tyre is going to be both on-road and off-road, how puncture resistant it will be and how long they will last. Mickey Thompson all-terrain tyres have deeper treads compared to many other brands. Meaning more grip, more kilometres and more resistance to damage, which ultimately saves you money and gives you the performance you’re looking for.

2.       Pattern Design – Mickey Thompson Tires are leaders in 4WD tread technology and continue to introduce many new modern features to their tyres. Modern all-terrain designs have longitudinal water channels to clear water away quickly and are designed with less tread squirm for longer mileage

The Mickey Thompson ATZ 5-rib has a solid centre rib which enhances straight line stability reducing driver fatigue and noise. The siped tread lugs and full tread depth gives excellent wet weather handling, while the internal angled sipes increase traction on greasy roads and offer more resistance to chipping on dirt and gravel roads.


The Mickey Thompson STZ’s new tread pattern design offers strategically Z-shaped sipes promoting longer wear and better traction on wet and greasy highway roads while the textured shoulder lugs offer improved off-road traction, making the STZ, the perfect choice for work or play.


For more information on which Mickey Thompson All-Terrain tyre suits your 4WD-ing call 1300 MICKEY or visit


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