Posted in January 2013

If you’re a serious off-roader who loves a good mud wrestle make sure you check out Mickey Thompson’s Claw TTC!

The Baja Radial Claw TTC is all new state-of-the-art construction making it the ultimate extreme off-road performance tyre. The Claw TTC features a 23◦ tread pattern, which is the ultimate angle for cutting and self-cleaning (used on plough blades, tractor tyres and razor blades). This means you get maximum traction and the same level of … Continue reading

Are you an extreme off-roader who likes playing in the mud? Mickey Thompson’s Baja MTZ is the perfect tyre for you!

The Baja MTZ is a serious off-road tyre built for 40% road & sand, 60% dirt & mud. The MTZ  tread block ‘cutouts’ aid self-cleaning in sticky situations and stone kickers stop rocks ‘drilling’ into the carcass. Deep scalloped shoulder lugs maximise off-road traction in soft or boggy conditions and improve resistance to tread chipping. … Continue reading