Great news for QLD 4WDrivers, new law changes that came into effect 1st November 2012 now see the use of the National Code of Practice (NCOP) for light-vehicle construction and modification in QLD.

Raising of Four Wheel Drive Vehicles
The new law now allows four-wheel drive vehicles to be lifted, as long as they do not exceed 75mm. This can be done by fitting alternative tyres and modifying the suspension. This does not require certification under the LS9 code.

The 75mm lift can be achieved by:
– Increase in overall tyre diameter by 50mm this will lift the vehicle by 25mm.
– Suspension can be lifted by 50mm

For vehicle fitted with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), please refer to section 1.2 of code LS9 on the QLD transport website.

AWD commonly known as soft roaders or SUV’s are not included in this.

Not all parts of the NCOP have been accepted for use in QLD. With variations applied for certain sections under the QLD code of practice (QCOP). For further information about these variations please refer to the following link:

This advice is only a summary of some of the changes for the full details and copies of the NCOP and QCOP get your copy from


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