The History of Mickey Thompson Tires (Part 2)

Last week we kicked off with part 1 of the History of Mickey Thompson Tires. This week we are concluding the series with our final 4 fast facts. Enjoy!

The switch to off-road

Off-road racing began in the wilds of Baja Mexico in 1967. Mickey switched to the new sport, put American Iron V8’s into larger buggies and was named the Horsepower King. He became famous for bringing the thrill of off‑road racing to the stadium and convincing celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger to compete in events to raise the sport’s profile.

New age tyres

Together with Gene McMannis, his business partner and the technical genius of the company, Mickey built leading technology bias­‑belted off‑road racing tyres. These tyres paved the way for the off-road tyres we use today in competition and recreation. At age 53, Mickey won the most gruelling off-road race of them all, the Baja 1000, and set a new time for the event.

Tyres chosen for war

In 1991 the US Navy chose Mickey Thompson tyres for their SEAL Fast Attack Vehicles during the Gulf War.

After the war, US Special Forces expressed their gratitude in the US newspaper The Independent, “Mickey Thompson Performance Tires earned their ‘Stripes’ in Operation Desert Storm. Mickey Thompson tires took us all the way into Kuwait City, anywhere we wanted to go without one failure on any of our cars.” Their performance is a testament to the strength and integrity of all Mickey Thompson products.

Motorsports Hall of Fame

During his life, Mickey participated in over 10,000 races, drove over one million race miles and won at least one championship in such diverse categories of auto racing as midgets, sprint cars, off-road vehicles, stock cars, drag racing and sports cars. But his contribution to motorsports goes far beyond his car building and driving skills. In 1990, Mickey Thompson was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame.

This now brings us to end the History of Mickey Thompson Tires part 2. If you are still itching for more Mickey Thompson facts, feel free to hop onto our website at


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