The History of Mickey Thompson Tires (Part 1)

With an IQ level nearing genius, Mickey Thompson remained determined to succeed against all odds. Today we are sharing 4 fast Mickey Thompson facts to get your motors running… 

Mickey Thompson. Racing Legend. Innovator.

Mickey Thompson holds more racing records than anyone on earth. His tyres revolutionised the racing world, were chosen for the Gulf War and benefit 4WDrivers of every level.

A vow is made

In 1939 at age eight, Mickey witnessed John Cobbs break the land speed record. Mickey vowed that one day he would break that record. His determination and near genius IQ led to years of car and tyre innovations. The sling shot design was the most revolutionary drag car of its day and became the standard drag car design for the next 20 years (Mickey’s Christmas tree starting lights and water filled crash barriers are still used today). Mickey then designed and built “funny cars” which, in one year, won 164 races out of 172 starts.

Fastest man on earth

By 1958 Mickey was ready to become the fastest man on earth. But tyre companies were reluctant to build a 400 mph tyre. Even though Goodyear eventually did make one, Mickey and a brilliant tyre engineer Gene McMannis, started their own tyre company that became an industry leader in racing and off‑road tyres. In 1960, Mickey Thompson became the fastest man on earth by travelling at 406.6 mph.

Shaking up Indy

In 1963 Mickey designed revolutionary tyres for his cars in the Indy 500. Most tyres running then used a narrow tread with a hard rubber compound. Mickey’s tyres were made from a soft compound three times the width with a lower profile giving more stability and a lower centre point of gravity. Mickey’s new cars were almost banned because they were so superior to other cars.

This now brings us to end the History of Mickey Thompson Tires part 1. Please join us next week when we reveal 4 more Mickey Thompson facts to complete part 2 of this post. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about the history of Mickey Thompson please visit our website at


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